Monthly Archives: December 2016

Is Online Shopping as Dangerous as We Think?

Millions of consumers are online shopping as we speak.  Double that number on Cyber Monday and any time around Christmas. Being able to have your credit card information stolen online is a very common thought. Many think that it is the easiest way to be hacked.

The CEO of penetration testing firm Night Lion Security, Vinny Troia, says differently.  Online shoppers are much less susceptible to being hacked then out shopping. Being in your home and on a safe network does a great deal.

Even when you think about getting your wallet stolen or a phone being able to detect your credit card number through your wallet, it’s crazy.  Although it is possible, and has happened in the past – online shopping is not what you think. The advice we get from Troia is vital.

Watch Troia’s most recent appearance on CNBC below for even more advice on how to be safe during the Holiday Season.