Biggest cyber threats of 2016

As time goes on, hackers are becoming increasingly advanced. In 2015, 34.2 percent of computer users experienced at least one Web attack. This is a huge issue for users and is only expected to get worse. It is expected that data breaches, ransomware and browser plug-ins will be the biggest security threat of 2016, according to an article on Fox News.

Data breaches are the most well known and this is when hackers steal payment information. Retailers will continue to be hit by hackers but there are some predictions of different kinds of industries to be hit this year including hotel industries, medical insurance and high-tech toy industries. The Apple pay system is a good way to prevent hackers stealing credit card information, as well as EMV chips in credit and debit cards.

Ransomware is a type of malware that prohibits users from using their system. The victims have to pay a ransom through an online payment method to access their system again. The FBI actually suggests victims paying the ransom in order to use their system again. To prevent this from happening, watch out for what you click on. Ransomware has to be installed before it can actually work on someone.

It is reported that people spend much of their time on Web browsers. Hackers can find a flaw in a browser and try to get victims to click on a bad site. This is another reason why people need to pay close attention to what they are clicking on.

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