Cyber Security Expert talks about recent hacker

A recent article on Fox News talks about a Bahamian man who hacks into tons of celebrity emails to steal unreleased movies and TV scripts. Alonzo Knowles is the man being investigated for criminal copyright infringement and identity theft charges. Knowles is also giving away social security numbers and other personal things. Vinny Troia, Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator and CEO of Night Lion Security, a digital forensics and penetration testing firm, doesn’t believe that Knowles hacked into celebrity email accounts. In fact, he believes this is all a scam and that Knowles never hacked anything at all.

Troia thinks this was just a challenge to lure customers in to buying some of the things he hacked. Once the customers decided to buy the social security numbers, for example, Knowles would run away and leave the customer with nothing, Troia presumes. Knowles’ plan was working for him because people believe it is hard to obtain social security numbers but it is actually incredibly simple, Troia explains. Troia clarifies that one hack would have been difficult enough to pull off and there is no evidence to suggest that he is skilled enough to pull off all of these hacks and steal all of this information.


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